Automate™ AS1250B Vehicle Ionic Air Purifier

Automate™ AS1250B Vehicle Ionic Air Purifier

$59.95 CDN

  • Cleaner, fresher air anywhere you travel.
  • Silent, filterless, fan-less, maintenance free operation.
  • 800,000 ions/cubic centimeter.
  • Cigarette lighter socket plug in ionic air purifier.
  • Aircraft type polycarbonate construction.
  • Tested by leading scientists.

Enjoy Portable Fresh Air Every Time You Get in Your Car

Inhale fresher, breathable air without the overpowering odors of air fresheners with the Wein® Automate™ air purifier. Simply plug the device into your cigarette lighter to efficiently remove most pollutants from your car’s interior. Have a cleaner car by removing cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes and road dust along with other allergens and airborne pathogens wherever you travel. A small LED light illuminates to let you know the air purifier is working. Relax and enjoy cleaner air.

Will not produce electrostatic shocks like older ionizer technology

How it Works

The Automate™ generates an intense electrostatic ion wind that charges floating particles in your car. The particles are then attracted to the gold plated stainless steel collector, or a grounded surface, substantially creating a particle free environment for cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, road dust, toxic allergens, dust, viruses and bacteria. Perfumes and odors are also minimized by the Automate™ ionization effect.

Significant and substantial reductions of airborne breathable particles have been confirmed by leading world authorities in health related aerosol studies by Wein® Automate™ technology from .04 to 3 microns in size. This represents most viruses and bacteria. Because this happens outside the body. It does not matter how infectious or toxic these particles are!

Substantial inhalation risk reductions were confirmed under strict laboratory conditions in confined spaces (aircraft cabin simulations) and large test calibration chambers (rooms) used. A leading aerosol scientist who peer reviewed the studies said:

“Whether a particle is biological or virulent in humans is of no relevance while it is airborne. While still airborne, these virulent particles obey the same laws and effects as all airborne particles of the same aerodynamic size and density.”

Testing with inert particles of the same size and density therefore yields a very powerful methodology to characterized any floating particle whether infectious or not!

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