Sanimate™ AS250B Washroom Ionic Air Purifier

Sanimate™ AS250B Washroom Ionic Air Purifier

$59.95 CDN

  • Reduces airborne particles and germs.
  • Silent, filterless, fanless, and maintenance free operation.
  • Plug directly to wall outlet in your washroom.
  • Outputs 1.2 trillion negative ions/cubic centimeter.
  • Operates continuously for pennies a month.
  • Built in night light.
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How it Works

Contaminated air is drawn into the corona discharge chamber and bombarded with ionized streams of electrons that destroy the pollutant molecules. At the same time ozone produced in the corona deodorizes any residual offensive gases in the outgoing pure airstrearn.

The electron impact and decomposition of pollutants has been studied extensively at UCLA School of Microbiology as well as by many other leading scientific laboratories both in the United States as well as Japan (transcripts available).

Over 90% of airborne bacteria has been shown to be effectively controlled by this advanced anti-pollution technology.

Sanimate has the highest output available in the bathroom. Just plug it into your washroom outlet. An operating light should come on as well as internal neon yellow/orange light. A small sanitizing/deodorizing breeze should be emitted from center of grill. Allow 12 hours of germicidal plasma build-up for odor destruction and microbial control to begin.